The “name poker” is derived from the French game “Poque” which was called “Pochen” in the German game; this was during the 17th and 18th century. In English, the term “Pochen” means “to strike”, and in Dutch, it means “to boast”.

The game of poker is a match with the Persian game of “NAS” and was introduced to the French people in New Orleans by Persian sailors. “Poque” (French) and “Pochen” (German) were developed from “Primero” of Spain in the 16th century. The game “First” uses three cards for each player.

Since the English meaning of the word “Pochen” is to “boast” in Dutch, poker has been associated with bragging; this became the idea of the game. All the games mentioned about “poker probably influenced today”.

Before 1829, according to an English actor, Jose Crowell, poker made a game in New Orleans that people enjoyed playing. The game consists of four players and uses a deck of 20 pieces of cards. From the book of Jonathan H. De Green, “an exhibition of the arts and the miseries of the game”, poker has been the preferred past-time of the locals on the Mississippi barges.

Eventually, the poker evolved into the game we now know, that uses a 52 deck of cards. On the poker table the terminologies released from the players’ conversations. The words that are commonly heard and used are: “ace in the hole”, “beat me”, “ace on top of your sleeve”, “Blue Chip”, “cash in”, “call your penny”, “High roll”, “poker face”, “pass buck”, “stack up”, “when chips are down”, “up suede”, and “wild card”.

“The World Series of Poker” began, and became popular, in the year 1970, the modern poker tournaments of the American casinos offer from then until today. The people who made it famous in the poker world series are the following: Johnny Moss, Doyle Brunson, and Thin Yellow. In that same year, a book came out about poker strategy and guidelines by Doyle Brunson entitled “Super / System”. A second book came out by Mike Caro, “the book says”, followed later by another book by David Sklansky, “the theory of poker”.

Apart from poker in the casinos, online poker has now become popular among the public as an entertainment/pastime. The innovation of the hole-card camera has allowed it to become a spectator sport. Since not all people can keep track of a poker tournament, management decided to bring the poker tournament to every threshold. “World Series of Poker” and “World Poker Tour” has been distributed by cable and TV networks, and is available nationwide.

The coverage of poker tournaments makes famous players and feels like celebrities. Poker fans emerge from all parts of the world; More and more people are encouraged to play poker and high bet amounts of money in the game. Increases the popularity of poker every year; its made the talk of each casino. Poker players became famous life, often seen on television.

Currently, poker is riding high in popularity. The tournaments are in progress – every year they announce a new champion. As for the year 2003, the champion of the poker world series was a product that yields great benefits for Chris, then followed by Greg Raymer, champion of the 2004 world series of poker.