Do you want to know what most backgammon players are reading to find out more about backgammon? Then, read on because this is a list of the most famous backgammon books that were published in the market.

The classic backgammon revisited

always wonder why this was called as such? The title means the main aim of the book, and that is to revisit some of the old vital reading materials that were written on the topic of backgammon. A lot of the books mentioned in this one are famous among backgammon players, and that is the main reason why the authors chose to review them in the first place. He wanted to re-educate players about the world of backgammon, and the misconceptions that grew along the way.

To further illustrate his points to the players who would read this book, the author made use of sample backgammon problems. Every problem of the backgammon of the sample was given an equivalent drawing to make the explanation much easier. The way in which the author explained his perspectives on each sample problem is eloquent, setting for the most advanced backgammon players. Beginners would find it harder to fully grasp some concepts.

Due to the style of this book, many backgammon experts recommend this to more experienced backgammon players out there. However, some players fervently hope that another version of this book will be released, one that is designed for beginners.

The backgammon of the alpha

unlike the new classic backgammon, this is written in a simpler language. Thus, players who are just starting to learn the basics of backgammon will appreciate this better. This book makes use of drawings to help the author explain backgammon techniques to enthusiasts. The drawings were vital because, without him, it would be far more difficult to fully understand what was being said.

A good thing about this book is that it is distributed in such a way that later one is for more advanced skills than the last one. Simply create the illusion of directing backgammon players gradually.

It is also worth noting that this is one of the most controversial books in backgammon ever made. Why? It is because it speaks of a sensitive issue in backgammon, and that is the controlling of the dice through ESPECIALLY According to this book, this trick has been used so many times by a world-renowned backgammon player, and helped him win many of backgammon games. Obviously, a lot of players would like to acquire such abilities, which is also a reason why this book is such a hit.

Backgammon players all around the world would definitely tell you that if you are in it for the backgammon lessons or the mind trick, this book is worth your money.