It is known and nicknamed as Texas Truck, Doyle Brunson a pro poker who is quite well known among his colleagues and among fans and poker enthusiasts. The nickname Texas Truck came to be because of a commentator’s mistake during one of the early tournaments that Brunson participated in. The Last Bar “” The Greek Snyder was the sports commentator who made a mistake in Brunson’s name of reading; He was Las Vegas bookie too.

Doyle Brunson is the first poker player to win $ 1 million in a tournament. He has accumulated many bracelets during the course of his poker-playing career.

Brunson was originally from Longworth, Texas and was born on August 10, 1933. He was an athlete playing for the All-State Texas basketball team and became a state champion in the process. The Minneapolis Lakers drafted it but knee injury kept him from continuing his basketball career. Brunson concentrated on his studies and made use of the game as his source of finance to pay his share of the university. He eventually got a master’s degree in administrative education later. Disappointed in his salary as a teacher, he decided to focus on poker-playing instead. Brunson teamed up with other Texas pros such as Moss and Thomas Austin “Yellow” Johnny Slim Preston.

Doyle Brunson tied with Johnny Chan in terms of number of bracelets and two consecutive victories in the poker world series. Brunson had his two wins in 1976 and 1977 in the No-Limit Hold’em event. In this event, the starting hand of Brunson was ten and two that was considered weak and therefore named after him. He had the same number of bracelets as Johnny Chan, ten world series of poker bracelets all in all throughout his career. Brunson won his tenth bracelet in 2005, shortly after Johnny Chan won his tenth WSOP bracelet.

Brunson wrote some books that are based solely on poker. A book that he wrote was even considered the ultimate guide to poker-play because it addresses Brunson’s strategy for winning it so he believes that producing this latest book cost him a substantial amount of money in the process. In 2004, a sequel to the book was later published having contributions from several other poker pros that made the book more substantial and more affluent. Bobby Baldwin, chip Reese, Mike Castro, David Slansky and Joey Hawthorne contributed each one chapter accordingly. But an early publication was authored by Doyle Brunson in 1976, also about the ins and outs of his tactics and poker experiences.