Apart from the usual line of passage, do not pass, come and come bets there are also other bets that could be made in craps. These bets are usually called business bets and are handled by craps stickman, as they are bets placed in the middle of the craps table. Business bets in craps are said to offer higher disbursements but with a higher house advantage as well.

One-roll craps bet wagers the shooter will roll 11 or 3 or ace-deuce both pay 15-1, 2 or snake eyes or 12 or box cars or midnight they both pay 30 -1. The combination bets in craps that the wagers in 2 and 12 are called a “hi-low” and pay 15-1. This bet is placed by craps stickman in the line that divides the 2 and the 12.

There is also a business bet in craps that a shooter will roll a first hard way, such as a hard 4-4, before throwing 7 or 8 the easy way. The hard 10 (5-5) and the hard payout 4 (of 2-2) with 7-1 odds in craps while the hard 8 and the hard payout 6 with 9-1 odds in craps.

A horn bet in craps is actually four bets rolled all in one. The horn bets are made wagering that any of the values ?? 2, 3, 11 and 12 will be rolled later by the shooter. The payoffs for horn bets in craps depend on what number rolls up. The profitability would then be less the other three losing units. A $ 5 horn-I bet in craps the average craps player is betting $ 1 for each to 2, 3 and 12 and $ 2 on 11.

A jump that the bet in craps refers up to any combination afterward. For example, 8 euros in the jump pay 30-1 odds if two fours are rolled after. Betting on easy combinations in craps can also happen. An easy combination 4-6 or 3-5 offers 15-1 odds that the profitability in craps. A typical craps table does not have a designated place for the jump bet. This bet is placed with craps boxman with the jump tag placed on the chips.

Craps is what you call the bet made that the shooter will go up with a 2, 3 or 12 roll on the next roll. This pays out 7-1. The bet of C and E is made when a player’s craps a unit of money that 11 are rolled later and another unit for another number.

There are other business bets in craps apart from the ones mentioned above. Try and find out more about them for yourself.