In all aspects of life, the main key to winning is a strategy. One must develop and resolve in advance, a scheme, a program, or a method for the realization of the goal, and in a game, the goal is to WIN. This is a very important fact, especially when playing backgammon, where a huge part of winning is trusted in luck, materialized by 2 pieces of dice. With these circumstances in backgammon, the senses are augmented and the science and art of using all the forces are mastered to execute effectively and hold the upper hand. With strategy, it is unlikely that you will release backgammon.

The problem is when the strategy, due to uncontrollable circumstances, fails and when luck is tilting at the other end. The best thing to do in backgammon is relaxed, gather your nerves, and close your bets for a while, until the luck of the lady finally sits on your shoulders again.

Here are some points you might consider to save your full drain pot.

1. In backgammon, do not be afraid to use a safe game. Do not leave any blot, or leave volts alone in positions where the opponent is unlikely to hit. Even if you are not ahead of the race or pipe bill, but you have the weakest home board and your opponent has 4 or more points to do in yours, safe play is the way to go. Imagine a board where you have few back men and you do not hold an anchor on your opponent’s board, nor does he have blots on his inner board. The safe game is one of the best, if not the only option you have.

2. Use a strong training. Resource to six first. The six points made in a row get an opposing inspector trapped behind a bonus can not escape until the bonus is broken. It will help your synchronization in this game. This is a basic backgammon game.

3. Although you are trying to stay on the safe side, immobilizing your pieces is still a bad idea. A backgammon player must remember that the pieces are there to be at their disposal. If you leave them as is, these backgammon pieces will not necessarily help you with your game, and may even be imperiled your chances of winning.

And, of course, if these basic games can not help your losing streak in backgammon risks, then it may be time to call in allies. Calling for help what we will call backgammon expert associates can prove to be advantageous, with hints that he gives, or luck might bring.

Consider, these are mere numbers to smooth the transition from a loss to a triumph. Backgammon, as with all games, still medium risk. So when you have recovered your rhythm, go back to playing the game. Sometimes in backgammon, the risks are always worth trying, both for the prize, and the reward of the experience.