Why backgammon and chess have always been compared face to face when chess is not a backgammon, unlike gameplay? It is simple, backgammon, like chess, it requires the analytical thinking of its players.

Without analytical thinking, game players would be lost in backgammon. As chess players, they need to learn certain attacks and strategies in order to win. That is why a lot of books about this game have already been written, for beginners, for intermediate gambling players, and even for professionals. There is so much to learn, and it’s hard to perfect the art of this game, like the game of chess.

Certain strategies in this game can also be used in chess. Backgammon players can choose to be aggressive, which chess players also do in chess matches. Some people opt to hit a lot of their opponent’s inspectors as soon as possible, and then do it to fast home board. They can also lift the stakes quite too often. In chess, aggressive players are those who try to checkmate their opponent early in the game.

Another backgammon strategy that the use of the players, which may be applicable to chess, is the passive strategy. Passive players in the backgammon set up traps instead of attacking the pieces of their opponents as fast as they can. These types of players expect their opponents to fall into their traps, that is why the speed of the game is much slower. Chess players, on the other hand, are in passive mode when they seem not to attack the king directly, and disperse the pieces in a strategic one installed on the board.

Backgammon players can also influence or even force the opponent to move their pieces in their desired way. This they do by moving their own pieces to positions that would leave the other opponent little or no choice at all. As for their part, the chess players also make the one that results in the opponent that sacrifices his queen or even that is achieved in checkmate.

The biggest difference between backgammon and chess is the factor that luck brings to those games. In backgammon, players rely heavily on their luck to roll the dice, however, then, the move of the inspectors depends on the skills of the players. Meanwhile, chess players need very little luck to win games. They win almost totally because of their good strategies. If luck is any factor, then it can only come in the form of opponent errors.